Early morning or late at night.

Sometimes our clients need us in bright and early and sometime they need us there late at night.

One of our favourite clients needed us in a Panago to paint some walls and have everything cleaned up and ready for their 11am opening. With absolutely no disturbances to the business or complications to the contractor, we got the two colors done in time for opening.

Last week on another project, we had to work late nights to prepare the concrete floors for a stained concrete coating that was to be laid down. The contractor was hoping we could do the work during the day, but things just didn't work out and we were required to work through the night to keep the schedule. 

That is what we do - what our clients need, we manage to provide.


What is your time worth?

Sometimes we are all too eager to do things ourselves and try to save money doing things we may not be best at. Problem with trying to do things yourself is that you don't know the inside scoop on a lot of things. What type of roller to use, how to mud a wall properly, where to buy good quality paint for a good price. In the end, you are left with a job that you may not be that happy with and that has cost you more money in supplies than it should have and a lot of your time.

We recently did a quote for someone and they decided to paint their house on their own. They asked us to come by and just paint the stairway for them and they told us the paint they were using. This paint was just from a box store and was more than double what we pay at our paint stores for high-end products. This customer just spent an extra $300-400 more on product alone.

professional painters

We don't discourage you from wanting to do it yourself, but when you think of what is really involved, it may be beneficial to have someone professional do it for you.

There are other times when I have heard someone say, "Oh, I decided to paint the room myself. It only took me a few days." So much time wasted where we could have had the job done in a matter of hours.

Big News is Coming.


We are so excited to share... that we will be sharing soon!

We have a project in the Philippines that we want you to be a part of. That's right, you can play a part in this project. We are just finalizing the details and as soon as we have them solidified, we will let you know about this awesome fun project.

We are also opening up a new city! We have someone interested in developing Painters Enterprise in a city we have done some work in before. They understand the values and commitment that Painters Enterprise stands for and wants to be a part of. We are so excited to share this with you. Soon, very soon we will be announcing this.

Preparing... Spring will come eventually.


I know. Nobody is happy about what we see outside right now. We are all questioning why the man upstairs does not like us in this beautiful province of Alberta. But, we have to look at the glass half full, even if it is half full of snow.
We all know that as soon as spring really hits, we have so many things we want to get done around the house and so many fun activities away from home planned with the family and friends.
What a great opportunity now to make some plans instead of mopping around the day complaining about what it really should be like outside. 

What is it that you need to get done this spring/summer so that you can make sure you are out enjoying the fun activities of the season?

Which tasks are you going to tackle and which ones would you rather hire out?

It is all about how you value your time. Is it worth it to me to dig 10 deep holes for new trees in my backyard when someone else can do it in an hour or two for a small price?
I remember my brother in law deciding to paint his fence on his own with a brush and roller. He called me after finished a quarter of his fence which had taken him the better part of a day. Deciding that he didn't want to spend another 2 or 3 days doing something that would take someone with a sprayer and some experience only an hour or two. 

What is your time worth?
Who do you know that can help?
Who do I need to contact so that I can spend my time on more worthwhile items?

If you need a connection made, let us know.
Need a fence built? We know several contractors, deck and fence builders to help you.
Need a sprinkler system put in your yard? We know a great plumber that can help. 
Moved into a new house and need the landscaping taken care of? We can connect you with someone.

And if you need any staining or painting done, we would be more than happy to help.

Start planning now, because we all know how busy we and others get once the nice weather arrives.