Challenges, changes and adventures.

I can not believe that the end of the year is almost here. Looking over this year it has been a year of challenges, changes, adventures and great accomplishments. 
Around this time last year, I was determined to make some changes in my life and career. Saying that you want to make changes and actually doing them, as I have learned, are completely different things. It wasn't until the new year that an opportunity presented itself and the only question was if I would take the leap. With the way this year has gone, there have been times where I have felt that hardship of trying something new, but I have also experienced the highs of reaching goals and even exceeding them.

There have been times when I have stepped back and looked at the decisions we have made and asked myself, "Has it been worth it?" Depending on what month it was, I might have replied differently than at other times.
When we first started meeting with some people from the Rotary Club about our Philippines project, we were excited and ready for the opportunity. As time has gone on, we have had questions about how it might affect different aspects of the company and if we could pull it off. But I love the challenge and I love that things are not always easy.

We all have bridges that we have to cross at times. Some of those bridges we have to take a moment to decide, is this worth the risk?
Without crossing that bridge, we wouldn't have brought new people onto our team, we wouldn't have achieved our best month in 15 years with even more success in the following months. We wouldn't have the vision we now have of where this is all going and what we plan to do in the future.

What is that bridge to you and will you cross it?