An eye opener to me.

Marketing will tell you that you need to find something that you can do that will make you stick out from everyone else. They say that you can not be successful unless you are unique.

Lately, I have been thinking what it is that separates us from the many, many painters that are out there. We have been successful in what we do and we have clients that have been around for 13 plus years. What is it that makes them want to stick around and continue to use us as their main painters?
I could just easily say that it is our exceptional customer service, it is the people that we have within the company that people love working with and this is why we have clients call us every week asking for more work. And it is for this reason that they call us but, let me tell you a story about the last time I was in Calgary visiting with Kevin Bullock our Calgary Manager to really show you how true this is.

We were visiting a Second Cup that we were working on with one of our favourite contractors. I had driven up in hopes to capture video of some spraying of brick that was supposed to have been installed the day prior to my arrival. I had left Edmonton at 5 am so that we could do some filming before the other contractors arrived on site. Well, the brick didn't get done so we had nothing to film. So, we decided to run to another nearby project as we had been told that the diffusers had been installed in a t-bar ceiling and thought "let's go video that". We arrived at that site and surprisingly nothing was ready again. Disappointed, we decided to run back to the first site and talk with the contractor on when they may be getting the brick done in hopes that we could still do some filming that day. 
We discussed things with the site manager and unfortunately, things wouldn't be ready in time that day. 
One of Kevin's painters was in need of a couple supplies so we decided to run that errand. Now, this is what caught my eye. Yes, we could have been angry and given it to the contractor that things were not ready for us and that we had wasted a morning. But do you know what Kevin said to the site manager before we left?

Kevin Bullock - calgary manager 

" Do you need anything?" 

That right there was an eye opener to me. I realized that this is why our clients like us. We are not only concerned about what we need to get done but we care about you and what you need.

True, this is simple but when was the last time your painter asked you if you needed anything before they left?