What's New for 2017!

For the past 6 months we have been working intensely with our Business Coach Brad Halliwell on ways we can improve our company. 

We have made some major changes within the company.

We realized that we have been successful over the many years of painting and that we have grown and matured as a business over the 14 years. Things go up and things go down and I must admit that I have been surprised on what we have been able to do on our own over those years. But even with that success, it is now time to get down to business and allow this company to become what it truly can become. Thanks to the help of our business coach, Brad Halliwell, we are well on our way.

In Edmonton, we have promoted one of our long time painters, Jeremy Chiu, to Operations Manager of the Painting division, allowing the owner, Graham Audenart, to step out of his long term spot of operator and step into the position of Business Development and Marketing. 
We also have promoted our Flooring Coating Manager, Kevin Currie, to a position of estimating as well as Floor Coating Operations.
Kevin Bullock, Operations Manager in Calgary, is still going strong and is looking forward to working more with Graham on developing the Calgary base.

These new positions allows us to work on the improvements and new ideas that we have had for so long but have always been too busy to work on. 

This is the year that everything changes and we hope that you notice the difference.