Best painters Edmonton - Says Google

Well, this will definitely be lowering our rankings on google when you search "best painters in Edmonton"! We can say bye bye to our third-page listing and expect to be punished for a while.

Can you trust Google?

So, why the bold title? Can we trust what we find on Google? I mean, I search "how do you get gum out of your wife's hair?" or "if you mention Google in a post in a bad way will your ranking go down". Can you trust your searches for all things though? Do top ranking mean you are trustworthy?

Lately, we have been hearing and even experiencing ourselves troubles with contractors and other tradespeople out there looming around. Companies that are hired to do work and then just ripping people off - it isn't something new. Sadly, some people make a living on scamming others. Even we have been experiencing it lately. Other trades asking us to fix up what they have gotten themselves into and then when it comes to clearing up the bill, they are hard to find and there is no reply after numerous calls and emails.

So who do you trust?

Can you trust those that you google online? Just because they are listed on a search engine's first page, does that mean they have to be reputable companies?

The best that we have found for finding people that you can trust and know will treat you fairly is by referrals. When you ask your friend if they know of a plumber, your friend will tell you the truth about him. You will hear the good and bad of someone and have a full idea of what you are hiring.

So when you need someone for a project that you are doing, ask your friends, your family, heck ask us - we work alongside so many people and can give you lots of people to contact. 

Of course, we hope that when someone asks you if you know of any painters, that our name will come up.