How we helped the REVOLUTION!

Well, Revolution Motors that is. 

I recently became acquainted with the guys over at Revolution Motors and had stopped by their shop which happens to be just down the road from our own office. When I was there I noticed that they had a Flake Floor put down in their showroom. When I talked to them about it, they mentioned that when it was first put down, that it looked great but as soon as it got foot traffic it would get dirty and wouldn't clean out.

Not all floors or installers are equal.

Right side is what the floor looked like with the previous installers work. Left is our product being put down.

We offered them a solution to fix this floor that was just poorly put down. A more durable clear coat that would allow it to stay clean and not trap dirt.

With a bit of prep work and care, and a stronger more durable clear coat the floor now is easy to clean and remains shiny and bright. 

Floor is now easy to clean and will keep its shine.

Thank you to painters Enterprise for the beautiful re-surfacing of our shop waiting room floors. Painters Enterprise promised us a quick turnaround, and they delivered! Our floors look refreshed and brand new again. We highly recommend Painters Enterprise if you need your floors done. Thanks guys!
— Joel, Revolution Motors