People want to know


Have you ever gone into a washroom in a restaurant and found that the door has no locking button but there is a sign that says, door is locked when door is closed?

You always question “Is it really locked? Is someone going to come in when I really don’t want them coming in? How do I test to make sure it is locked?” 

More often than not, you don’t take the chance and tell yourself that you will wait until you get home. 


That little locking mechanism that we push to lock the door of a washroom adds so much comfort and assurance. 

Question: How often do our clients feel that way? 
How often do they feel unsure, unaware of where to go or where they may be along the pathway of getting things done.

This is why we are revamping the way we send quotes, follow up with them, communicate with them during the project and even invoicing.  

We don’t want our clients to ever feel like they are in a bathroom that may not lock. 


Lead your clients. Don’t expect them to find their way on their own.