What kind of company do you want to be?

So we have recently moved into a new shop and of course with that comes all the hassle of moving utilities and changing of addresses on all your mail.

We have been with Telus for our internet services for the past while. Being the well prepared person that I am, I called Telus 3 weeks in advance to have them come in and move our services to the new office (which is conveniently just next door to our old shop).

After them not showing up the day they had scheduled, I called to find out what was going on. Apparently they wrote down my old address as the new address and though the units are in the same building they claimed they couldn’t come out and do the visit. The fact that they didn’t even come the scheduled day, I am not sure how they would have known that it was the wrong address.

They said they would call me back and let me know when the next opening would be and that I would be put on the Top Priority list.

No call for 3 days, so I called them. “Oh, we don’t know yet but we will give you a call".

3 days later, still no call. Still no appointment but a promise they will call.

2 days later, still no call and so I pick up the phone and call the company I want no part of.
It is now a month, to month and a half away before they can make it out as they are putting some new, better than Fibre wire in.

So I check out the Shaw Cable website, better price than I was paying with Telus. I fill out the online form for them to contact me. 30 mins later, they call. 5 mins later I have an agreement in my inbox and a scheduled date.

What kind of businesses do we want to be?
For the past two years, I have looked closely as to how we can perfect not just our painting but the way we operate so that the experience for those we work with is one that is memorable in a good way. Never, would I want one of our clients to feel the way I felt during this experience.

With a company so large and experienced, you would think they would have it together.

Perfect what you do.