When is the best time to paint your office?

It is hard sometimes to paint your office.

It is busy with clients and employees moving around all during the day. To disrupt your office or the reception area can be a hassle.


What is even the point of freshening up or changing the walls in your office?

Truth is, there is a need to make your place of business look its best. Two reasons:

  1. Your clients. Your clients come in and out of your business day in and day out. They notice what the reception area walls look like. They see the dings in the walls as they sit down across from you during your meetings. They see the outdated color of walls that are suppose to reflect the type of company that you are.

  2. The people you work with. They are there in the office, in the shop, the warehouse more than even the clients. How high is the moral with your teammates, your coworkers.

Changing the way you work and live at the work place will change the way people feel. Bringing fresh colors to your office will give your clients an understanding of what type of company you are or at least trying to be. Changing of the way the company looks and feels will change the way your employees perform their work and the way they will treat others at work, both clients and co-workers.

So, now that we know the reason why we should change up the way we live, work and feel at work, when is the best time to paint your office?


When no one is around. Christmas Holidays!!!

Christmas holidays is when you shut the doors and walk away for days. This is the perfect time to find a company that you can trust to come in, change the look of your office and bring it back to life for the new year. Creating a new atmosphere, new environment and new feel to your business for the new year.