Our advantage is the people within our team.

Construction Bids are not always easy to land.

We have one advantage that helps us win more projects. The people on our team. What they bring to the company and ability they have to keep the reputation we have always had, is what has helped us keep going all 15 years of business.

"I am now confident to give you the job." - emailed the New Client.

Jeremy Chiu - B.Sci Civil Engineering

Jeremy Chiu - B.Sci Civil Engineering

You know that you have chosen the right guy to lead your team when you receive emails like this.

A construction company that we had not yet worked with called to see what type of company we were before they awarded the project.

Jeremy Chiu, who runs our commercial painting division in Edmonton, was able to correctly articulate what he does to keep our reputation where it should be.

Jeremy had written this to our new client.
"I saw on your email that you have an engineering background. I have a civil engineering degree myself and I strive to bring the professionalism and quality that is expected in the engineering field into all of the work that we do as a painting company. I love this business and being able to help the contractors that we have relationships with. I'd love to be able to help you guys in the same way."

So glad to have Jeremy on our side, on our team, leading the company to great futures.