It is all about relationships. If they like you and know that you can help them, they will most likely work with you. Solve a problem for them, don’t solve a problem for yourself.

Marketing 101:

  1. You want to identify the customers problem.

  2. Specify what our plan is to help them.

  3. Describe a successful ending to their story.

Main one liner for Painters Enterprise:

We believe that contractors and homeowners experience unnecessary headaches when getting painting projects done.
With out 3 step system, we eliminate all of that to allow you to

simply enjoy the process as we as the results.

Best video to understand what and how to share your message.

Think of these calls or visits as ways to get your name out there and promote what you offer.

Get right to the point. Don’t ask “how are you doing?”. They are busy so qualify them and move on to the next one.

Sample Phone Call: Christmas Season

HI. My name is Kennedy from Quality Student Painters.
We know that a lot of businesses will be shutting down for the Christmas season.

We know that this is a perfect time to freshen up the walls in your office or shop, to make your place of work look great for your clients and those that you work with.

We offer free estimates and they only take about 10 minutes.

We would love to come by tomorrow and provide you with a quote.

Would this be something you would be interested in?

*If they are not interested then ask if it would be ok to drop off a card so that they have it for the future.*