Daily Schedule


If you look at other parts of your life, you will probably find that you have a routine that you adhere to. When I wake, I have a solid routine that I do every morning to get myself ready, get my kids fed and going off to school. If I chose to do those tasks in any random order each morning, either it would be chaos or I might not get to certain tasks allowing my kids to get to school with no pants. But I have found the most efficient way of getting those tasks done which allows me to know that everything is getting completed.
This is what a solid schedule or routine can do for your work. It can take the chaos of the day and place each task and responsibility into an orderly and efficient place.


Plan with Contractor Painters

  • Do they have all the information they need for the work they are doing today?

  • Are they arriving at their jobs on time? Do they know the system of what they are doing?

Send out Emails to Clients

This should consist of “Quote Follow up” (if not already done), “% completion Emails”, “100% Completion”,  “Upcoming Job Notification” emails. These are to be set up as tasks in Jobber for the office to take care of. Go into Jobber and create a Basic Task under the client, in description put “Send **** email” and assign it to Graham and click notify team member.

Blueprints / Quote write-ups

  • Blueprints for that day and upcoming days.

  • Write-ups of quotes from the previous day.

It is important to strive to do as many blueprints as you can for Contractors as this helps them obtain work. Send personal emails to contractors, especially smaller contractors, to see if they were successful in landing the job.

Out and About

This should consist of:

  • Visits to jobs

  • Networking

  • Drop-ins, possibly from emails that you had sent in the morning.

  • Estimates

Check out Marketing Tips and Ideas for further help.

End of Day Evaluation

  • Did you accomplish what you wanted to get done today?

  • Were you productive?

  • Do you need to do anything to prepare your work for tomorrow?