Our difference.
The difference is who we are and what we aim for.

I was very impressed and pleased with the service. Outstanding. I will definitely refer friends and family to you. That’s mostly how I and my friends/family hire service providers. This time I had to take a chance without a referral but very quickly knew from my first contact with Graham that Painters Enterprise was a fit for my expectations.
— Sylvia Moysa


Communication . Honesty . Commitment

We don't want to be known as just another painting company. We want to be known as those friends that you have that have some serious painting skills and do amazing concrete floor coatings. 
We want you to feel, from our first visit or conversation on the phone, that we are a company that you can trust with your home and business.



LDS Church, Edmonton, alberta


This is what we aim for.


Clients are looking for someone that communicates with them. Someone that is going to let them know when their project will start, when the painters will arrive and who is it that is coming to their project. They want to know how the project is coming along and when the project will be complete. Too long has the client been left in the dark about the information that they should be given freely. You will see as you work with us, how intense and diligent our communication is with you.


We have always been honest in our dealings with our clients in relation to our quotes, our invoices and the work we have done. There are so many other options to choose from, some of them good and some are the stories that make you angry that there are people like that out there. We can't tell you to trust us. We know that it has to come from your impression of us when we first meet and how we conduct ourselves. If you are one of our many clients that have been with us over the past 14 years of business, then you already know who we are and how honesty is one of the main qualities that we have. If you, are a client that is looking to hire us, let our existing clients speak for us. They are more than happy to refer us and our work.


We are a team committed to you and your project. Whether it is painting your new home or office, new construction site or previously owned restaurant, we are committed to making the painting aspect of the project a simple and easy process. We promise that we will be on schedule, there when you need us and the quality will be consistently amazing from one project to another.

The difference is in who we are and what we aim for.

The difference is in who we are and what we aim for.



Let me tell you a little story.

I was talking with my new neighbour about the benefits of his new garage floor coating. Unfortunately, he had hired someone other than our company as we had not yet met. Lesson learned, talk to your neighbour sooner than months after they have moved in.
He had mentioned that he was really happy with the floor and how easy it was to clean but wasn't too impressed with the guys that came out to work on the floor. He used the words scary.
When I asked him what company had done the floor, his reply was "Someone from St. Albert". He couldn't remember the name of the company.

This made a huge impression on me as I thought "Do our clients know who we are?" 
Do we make an impact on our clients? How do they know us?

We have made some huge changes around the company because of this and we have decided that we want our customers to remember us, because we remember them.

Communication. Honesty. Commitment