Construction Projects - The Process

Construction projects can be a bit hectic at time but if done right, you can be efficient, offer quality work and make some money.


Here is a process to follow to make the job go smoothly.

First Visit:

  1. Paint all the ceilings to finish product. Ceilings don’t get touched too often and usually are done with a flat paint which is typically easy to blend in if things need to be touched up.

  2. Prime all walls, sand (very important) and apply 1st coat of paint to the walls. One tip for priming is to back roll your primer after spraying it on. This creates a more even texture to the walls. I would also recommend backrolling your 1st coat if you are spraying that as well.

  3. Paint door and frames if possible. Usually at this time, there are no floors in and your area is fairly open and easy to lay out the doors along walls if needs be. If you are spraying door frames, mask off at least 12 inches around to prevent spray texture on the walls.

This is about as far as you want to go on your first visit.

Final Visit:

On this visit, you will do your final coat to walls. You have a chance to patch any walls that need slight repairs. If you see anything at this time that needs a visit from the mudder, let the site person know.

Final touches to doors and frames.

Have a look around and see if anything else needs touch ups.