Kevin was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was courteous, professional and completed the work on time. I was so pleased that he was available to do the job sooner than what I expected. I am a very happy customer!
— Norma O.


We are a company that wants to help you get your painting project done as well as keep your sanity.

You have entrusted so much to us and we promise to help you complete your project with absolutely no headaches.


Commercial painting of LDS Church

Why choose Painters Enterprise?

Because we are not just good at painting, we are good at business.


What are people saying about us?


Didn't dissappoint!

Trevor & Jody were such nice people to deal with. Trevor is very personable. He fully understood my expectations and didn’t disappoint.
— Brian S.

Friendly and enjoyable.

I’ve primarily worked with Kevin and Alexi and both are friendly and enjoyable to have on the job site. They bring forward concerns as the project progresses and at the end of the day they get the job done.
— Cameron T.


Gallery of "headache free" projects.


What sets us apart...

Graham Audenart. manager of the painting division in calgary

Jeremy Chiu, Manager of the painting division in edmonton


We understand that you have a schedule to keep. Whether we are working at your home or business or construction site, we know that work needs to be organized and well run. With our Certified Painters and Managers working together, we get the projects done on time and in a way that works for everyone.



You want your bedroom painted the same way your living room was painted last year; clean, professional and looking great. We understand that each painter has their own area of expertise. We find those in each of our painters and keep them doing what they are good at.



Nothing is more important than having partners in business that you can depend on. Whether it is Sunday night and you need help finishing up a job or you have a project that must finish on schedule, Painters Enterprise will help you get things done and looking great.



One of the greatest fears when hiring someone to do the work is to have the work done and then get an invoice for an amount that was not similar to the quote that you received. That's one reason why we hate going to an auto mechanic. They tells us that they did this and that and what do we know. We aren't like this. Your invoice will absolutely match the quote that we gave you. If issues arise that were unforeseen, then we will communicate that with you before we carry on. We didn't get to where we are from cheating others and we don't plan on getting to where we are going by cheating. Honesty, between each other, is key to success.


Experience the difference.

Can you imagine a project being completed without any headaches. You will be able to sit back and simply enjoy the process as well as the results.