Meet our team


We began in Edmonton, Alberta.


We started out providing customers with residential and commercial painting services that would meet both their budget and high expectations. Our focus was, and still is, that the finished product always met expectation, giving our customer a desire to share their Painters Enterprise experience with friends. 

With the help of our customers and our excellent technicians always taking pride in their work, Painters Enterprise grew to a point where we wanted to do more. We moved in to developing a branch in Calgary and Vancouver in hopes that we would be better able to assist the needs of our clients by being able to cover all areas of Alberta.

As we continued to grow in the residential and commercial painting markets, Painters Enterprise wanted to expand but not in the typical way. We elected to widen our service offering to other areas within the painting and coating industry.


The beginning of our Concrete Floor Coatings


After 2 years of research and testing, we began coating Concrete garage floors and small shop floors. We tested all aspects of the process from prep work tools, machines and procedures to the various coating products available. We identified all the strategies and tricks to ensure the highest quality finished products - we then trained our staff in all aspects of concrete and coatings. We have chosen the best equipment for Shotblasting and Diamond Grinding to ensure that the coatings we are putting down adhere properly and last longer than they are designed for. We use the most durable and environmentally friendly floor coating products.


Utilizing the proper tools, products, and installation expertise, we are now not only creating amazing garage floors but also coating industrial shop floors which all allow for easier floor maintenance and increases protection.


Painters Enterprise continues to grow and expand, having now moved into the Calgary and Red Deer markets. Painters Enterprise has and will continue to take pride in each project we are involved in.

Update: We now have expanded into Vancouver and Victoria area.


Whether it is your home, your office, your equipment or your shop we provide nothing but the highest quality of service in the industry.


As of 2018, we have decided to rebrand our Floor Coating division to PE Coating Systems. You can find out more information about our floor coatings by clicking here.

concrete floor coatings

concrete floor coatings