Points to hit on when meeting with existing and potential clients.

 “People buy with Emotion and then justify with logic.”

When meeting with people, they aren’t interested in what great things you have done or generic promises that you can make.
People want to work with people that are going to HELP THEM.
For example, imagine that you are on a date and all the other person did was tell you about with they have done, what they like to do and how they are perfect for you.

Find out what their struggles are, empathize with them and let them know how you can help them.

We need to create value or else we are simply a number.

To understand your client/potential client, you need to understand where they are and what they are looking for. The person that asks the questions owns the conversation.

  1. Who has the authority to approve this project? Am I talking with the decision maker? Should someone else be involved?
    Don’t ask “Are you the one that makes the decisions?” but ask “Is there anyone else that should be involved as we go over this?”

  2. When would you like this completed? Don’t ask when they want to start because most people want it started yesterday but ask when they would like things completed.

  3. What would this mean for you life and business? What is the change going to do for them. What would things look like in 6 months/1 year if they didn’t move forward?

  4. What other options besides our services are you considering?

  5. Why is this change important? Why are you looking to change?

  6. How is that going to feel in the company or at home once completed?

  7. When you have multiple meetings, at the beginning of the next one, ask if anything has changed since you last met.

  8. Can we move forward today? We want to get to the ‘yes’ and not have to negotiate.

You can have everything in life that you want if you will help enough people get what they want.