Getting unnecessary headaches while getting a project done?

We have created a 3 point system that eliminates all of that, so that you can simply enjoy the process as well as the reuslts.

"It means a lot to me to actually have a contractor return a call promptly, schedule a booking and actually show up as promised and arrive on time!  It takes a lot of worry out of a project and builds trust between the parties. "

Our 3 point system.


More communication.


How often have you felt that you have been left in the dark when working on your project?

We communicate before the job, during the job and even after we are completed. 


More honesty.


No one wants to feel cheated. You want to pay an honest amount for an honest amount of work.

No more surprises, you pay the amount that you agreed to.


More commitment.

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Ever hire someone that says they will be there on a job and then not show up? Or come by for a day and then you don't see him for a week?

Let's get this work done. Let's schedule the job and complete it. Simple as that.