Using Blueprints


Determine what is being done.

  • Is it a new build,

  • Renovation

Determine the size of the area being worked on.

You can usually find this on the first page.

Ceilings - Determine what is being done.

  • Exposed Ceilings (what’s the sqft that is being painted?)

  • Drywall ceilings (what’s the sqft that is being painted or how many average areas?)

  • Bulkheads (how many and how big are they?)

Walls and Areas

  • What walls are coming down (demolition plan) and what walls are going up (proposed plan).

  • What walls are being painted?

  • Do they all get primed and 2 coats?

  • On large jobs, calculate how many average rooms there are and then on large areas, price by sqft of walls.

Doors and Frames

  • Look for the Door Schedule to know how many there are and if they are PT.

  • Check to see what type of doors they are.

Baseboards, Window Trim, Trim

  • Are there any base and what style are they?


  • Look for anything else that mentions painting. Floors, railings, bollards,

Out of town / need a lift?

Bottom of quotes
should have a line with Paint and Materials, Notes on Quotes, and possibly Work to be done.

** Always check to see if there is any Epoxy Coatings or Polishing involved and if so, forward to Kevin.