When others have let you down, we will be there to help you.


For those that have been let down and are in need of a company that isn't going to give them headaches and make you look bad in front of your clients, we are here to help. 


We believe in No More Headaches. With our 3 point system, we eliminate all the problems, the headaches and fusses. We want you to enjoy the process and the results.


Painter’s Enterprise is the first company we’ve worked with in their industry that has shown the perfect combination of reliability, consistency, quality and customer service. We can always rely on them to meet our high standard of quality regardless of the circumstances.
— Chris Taylor, Budal Group

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It makes a substantial difference hiring a professional painting company to perform the painting, as it can make or break a project.
— Sean Eskow, You Dream It, We Build It
Sometimes, things don’t always go as scheduled. We always find Painters Enterprise willing to help us when we have an emergency and need some help to finish off a project.
— Joyce, Fillmore Construction

When others are not answering your calls or emails, we are here for you.

We know how important our job is so that your project goes smoothly and impresses your clients. 


Evans Project, Ledcor

evans project, ledcor

Evans project, Ledcor


We would love to help you out. Whether you have an emergency or a project coming up, we can help.


   Edmonton Painting Division: (780) 267-7402   

Calgary Painting Division: (403) 701-3219   

Floor Coating Division (780) 915-6889


It is our job to make your job easy.