Why did we choose the Philippines for our first project?

Because of an example that was set.


Why we chose the Philippines for our first project.

When I first starting thinking of how we could give back, my mind went to the example that was set by my father. My father was a man that spent a lot of his time serving others. He was a dentist that was able to use his talents and abilities to help others in countries such as Jamaica, Mexico, and the Philippines.
He was heavily involved in Rotary International where he carried many roles and responsibilities and helped with many service projects around the world.

One of the recent Clean Water Projects that his Rotary Club took a part in was the Indigenous Village Water Project in the mountains of the Philippines 150 km north of Manila. There they were able to pipe in fresh water from a mountain spring. They constructed faucets throughout the village, toilets, and showers for the people there. 

Since my father did 5 separate trips to this country to provide dentistry work, I thought we would start here.


Our Main Project.

Water and Sanitation Project.

Clean water was only accessible by hiking hours up into the mountains for clean water.

We piped in water from the upper mountain spring into the village to more than 10 faucets to allow the 110 families there to have easy access to clean, fresh water.

We also constructed washrooms and showers.

Island of Mindoro, Philippines


The people we helped in the village.

Rotary club brought food along with trees to plant and medicine and vitamins for the children.

Rotary also brought out school books for the children.

Fruit trees to plant throughout the village.

This is their village.

Each family received small and large containers to transport and store water.


We teamed up with Rotary Club Red Deer East and Rotary Club of Las Pinas Camino-Real and  West Naujan Calapanto go forth with three separate projects. 

Project 1. Partnering once again with the Rotary Club of West Naujan Calapan on the island of Mindoro. This Water and Sanitation Project will be similar to previous projects but to a different Mangyan Indigenous Tribe. Piping, Water Tower and Tank, Manifold outlets to village homes, Shower and Toilet structures, and Portable water containers.Additional work to the water tower and water system at the Monty J. Audenart Subic Bay Water project

Project 2. Needed work to the Manila East High School Fountain of Life. 

Project 3.  Additional work to the water tower and water system at the Monty J. Audenart Subic Bay Water project

The great people of rotary that helped organize and execute this amazing project.



Project Two

Upgrading an existing water project

This project was done in 2012 in a village in the mountains near Subic Bay.

We replaced mechanical pumps and filters on this system that allows fresh, clean water for over a hundred families.


These are the water faucets installed in 2012 providing clean water for over 100 families.

Some of the kids following us around while visiting the village.

A sample of the homes in this village.



Project Three

Fountain of Life Revitalization

Ten years ago, the same Rotary Clubs joined together to provide a way for the youth in this high school to have fresh clean water. Before this fountain, there was no clean water for the thousands of students at this school.

We helped provide some new mechanical equipment and maintenance to the fountain.



We are excited to share our experiences of this project with you and want to thank you again for being a part of the PE family. It is because of you that we are able to do this.